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How to prepare yourself before going an interview?

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So, guys in this episode we are going to learn how we can get success in every interview. using those tips you can get success in every interview and also get your dream job quickly. But if you're going to any exam or an interview you need to prepare yourself in a proper way. So, that's I am going to talking about. Without spending time let's get started.

An interview is the most important part of our life also our future. Some people think a successful interview equal to money. What we can't you do to get a job. After did everything when we did not get any job then we hesitant and leave it. No guys you also can get a job but you need to prepare yourself in a proper way. But before starting I am going to tell about something myself. I am a manager of a TVS motor Private limited showroom. And many people get their job by me. then I thought I need to make a blog where every people can understand how a proper knowledge can make you a success. When I asked any people any question in the interview they say something nervous and something else which I will discuss.

  • Fast, leave the nervousness.

When you go to the thought of any HR or human resources you feel kind of nervousness and without your knowledge, you are going to make a big mistake. According to HR rules is the big negative point because if it happens in a small interview then after future what he will go to do if any kind of pressure is happening by work. So try to avoid nervousness by speaking with your friends or interview colleagues.

  • The second one is research about the company.

In which company you are going to do the interview you need to find some information fast because if HR and ask you any question about this company you need to tell something. And if you can't answer him it will go to one more negative point of you. So search on the internet and ready or prepare your mind.

  • And the third one is dressed up.

your smartness is more important than others. So you need to carry the formal dress. I want to remember your jeans is not allowed in an interview. So make sure about the formal dress. Because our first impression is the last impression.

Which question can be asked by the HR.

It's depending on the company and which post you will Apple for. But I am going to share with you some common questions.

The first question is tell me something about yourself?

The answer should be going to like that- at first, I would like to give you thank you for giving me this opportunity to explain myself near you. my name is Subhadip Barman and my father's name is Srikanta Barman. And I live in Purba Midnapore, Bajkul. I have passed my HS in 1994. if I tell about my external qualification then I am a web developer I learn language HTML CSS JavaScript DHTML animation etc. And also if I talk about my hobby then it is website designing. And I want a job that's why I am coming for.

Why you choose our company?

The answer should be going to like that- now a day this company is the largest development industry which can make my future brighter. And according to my knowledge large industry can make my future brighter that's why I choose this company.

How much salary will you want from us?

According to your company's terms and conditions and in which post I will I feel for you will fix my salary. If the HR steel asks you how much then according to your research knowledge you can tell the amount but keep in mind the amount could not be higher than the job role.

What kind of ambition in your future dream?

Tell them after 5 years later where you can see yourself.

If you want to know some more questions or any doubt then obviously leave a comment below. and you if you enjoy this blog then obviously subscribe by subscription link below.

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