How to make a free blog in blogger in an advance way [Beginner to Advance] Step-by-step


How to make a free blog in blogger?

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 To make a free blog in blogger at first, you need to know why you need to make a blog? The blog is one of the most popular ways to contact the world wide web or all over the world. Here you can share your knowledge with every person who lives in this world. It can be anything cooking, beauty, fishing, store, anything you want to share. if you search on the internet to find how to make a blogger blog there are lots of paid post or videos available also kind of free post or videos available but today I can cover all those methods which you need to use to make a free blogger blog. If it's going to be too long then I can separate it's in two parts.  Make sure to follow the link below if I separate it. The chapter of blogging is the biggest part to explain. To be. It may be a long post which can be bored so that's why I am going to separate hit by parts. So, if you want to be a beginner to advanced or professional then must read all of the parts as I maintained write below. So without spending time so let's get started.

  • To make a free blog in blogger go to with a new window. After that, you can see this type of picture which maintained below. Now you need to click the create blog option. After that, if you already signed in using your Gmail address then it directly redirects to your Google plus profile or can be asked to you make a Google plus profile or blogger profile. So make it easier.


  •  To make a free blog in blogger now the second part is, you need to find a proper title which is you need to put this title section. It's depending on what type of website or blog you are going to make. think which title is best for you or which keyword the can be searched by the audience or people in Google. There was a really good tool available to find a keyword how much searched in Google. If you use chrome browser then there was an extension which is called "keyword everywhere tool". And download it.

Blogger tittle

keywords everywhere

  •  To make a free blog in blogger: or to find a keyword I recommend Google AdWords keyword planner which is the best keyword rank finding tools. If you don't have an account in Google AdWords keyword planner then make it quickly. It is really easy as your thinking or if you get any kind of problem don't forget to comment below. And now choose the title which is best for you.
Google adword keyword planer

  •  To make a free blog in blogger now it's time to make a URL(The Second option in picture below). URL means those address who is Will be to write to find your website. So, make sure to do that as much as easy URL you can make. Also which is easy to remember. And after all which is same to same of your title which you covered before.

blogger blog

  •  To make a free blog in blogger now it's time to choosing a theme (The third option is pictured below). You can choose any of those thing seen below. Anytime you can change all of the things like a title URL and theme also. But I recommend don't change your title or URL because it can be harmful for your search engine optimization or SEO. if you want to upgrade your URL to a custom domain then probably do that but otherwise, don't change it.
blogger blog

Click this link to know what to do after that.

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