Top 3 Popular Way to Earn Money Facebook | Earn $500 from Facebook per week [Step-by-step]


Top 3 Popular Way to make Money Facebook

We know Facebook is the biggest platform for communicating with people after Google. And we're going to know today how we can earn money easily from Facebook. With Hard Work Required Smart Work to Make Money Facebook, You may know that you can earn money by publishing videos on YouTube. Now, this process has started in Facebook and India and also so many countries. Yes! You can publish video and Earn Money On Facebook If you truly want, you can easily earn money from Facebook. if you can create a quality video then it’s gonna to too easy for you. Here is not the end, with the link of your website on Facebook, with the help of instant articles can earn money from Facebook easily. If you do not know about these things then here you're in the right place. If affiliate marketing is provided, then you can not predict how much your income may be.

Earn money in facebook

It is not that if you try today you will start getting money from tomorrow. You have to do a little trouble for this. It is not possible to get money from any place if you do not work. If you are told to talk about real life, if you know many people with you, then you have to offer various types of job offers. Similarly, if you can make yourself viral online you will earn lots of money. If you want to know how many ways of online income are there, then, I will say there is no end to the road. It is up to you to do any kind of income. Here you can find the amount of your income on the amount of user or audience you have. If you do not spend the time you can not make money. Then let's know how you start to earn $500 from Facebook.

  • Here is Top 3 Popular Way to make Money Facebook

  • Instant Articles

  • Video Publishing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Instant Article (Earn Money Facebook).

Instant Article

With the Instant article, you can earn your Facebook and Adsense from everywhere. For this, your website will be linked with the Facebook Instant article. For this, visit the Instant Articles official website. Follow the Facebook Instant Article's rules by step-by-step and associate your website with Facebook. It's important to have a page on Facebook. If you do not have any pages on Facebook, you can not use Instant Articles. If you have many likes and lots of followers on your page, you can easily earn a lot of money and send traffic to your website simultaneously. With the number of traffic going to your website you can earn from Adsense also. That means you can earn from 2 places. If you get one dollar for 1000 views in the Adsense account, then with the help of instant article and AdSense, it will be 2 dollars. Use the following pictures and methods to sign up for the instant article.

  • Instant Article Sing-up Process: 

    • If you are using "Wordpress" Then it's more easy for you. You just need to install "Install Article" Plugin.
    • Go to Instant Article Sing-Up Page
    • Chose the Page Where you want to show your aricle.
    • Now it redirect you to your Facebook page, "Publishing Tools", in the left side bar find "Instant Article" then "Confrigation".
    • Under "Tools" you can see "Connect Yor Site" option and there you find a "meta property" tag which you need to copy and paste below of your websites, themes, head tag and save it.
    • After that in the URL section you need to put your website link and press "Submit URL"
    • Next, In the "Production RSS Feed" option you need to paste your RSS link and save it.
    • Now you Have to Register for "Audience Network" to get payment and feching ads with your artile
    • Firstly, It tell you. You need to minimum 10 article. Now check it's apper or not. Then fix it. what it say.
    • And that's it. You got your Instant Article account.
  • Video Publishing (Earn Money Facebook).
Earn money with your videos on Facebook

  • Video Publishing Sing-up Process:

    • It's same as Instant Article or more easy. You Just need to "Sing-Up For Facebook Video Publishing or Check Eligiblity"
    • You needs to have a minimum of 10,000 followers.
    • You need to minimum 1-Minute views for 3-Minute Videos.(In the last 60 days, you needed 30,000 one-minute views on videos that are at least 3 minutes long).
    • Check your country is eligible for monetization or not.(If your country is not supported for monetization then just working up and ready your page for monetization for further approval. When Facebook add your country you can monetize).
    • Or if you fulfil the citearea then it will redirrect you to your dashboard. The dashborad like youtube. And there you can handle your every video's.
  • Affiliate Marketing (Earn Money Facebook).
affiliate marketing

  • 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Sites to Earn Money Facebook:

    • Acroding to my analiyes the top 3 Affiliate marketing site is -- "CLICKBANK", "AMAZON ASSOCIATES" and "EBAY"
    • You needs make an account on it.
    • File your every details truely.
    • Alos, Fill-up your payment profile.
    • Get any attractive product link and publish it into your Facebook page.
    • Keep in mind, Don't just publish lots of prouduct link. It can be badd effect on you user.


Consultation: According to my decision "Affiliate Marketing" is the best way to earn money from Facebook. I think this post is helpful for you. So, why you're not sharing it with your friends. Share it, and give them a chance to make money from it. His every earning gonna to feel you proud. Because you sharing this post with him/her. Anyway, If you have any query feel free to leave a comment.

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