Bike Insurance | Without Accident Two Wheeler Insurance Claiming Process


Bike Insurance, Without Accident Two Wheeler Insurance Claiming Process

Bike Insurance

If your bike is an accident. Or if you do not have any accidents bike, then you can take from a Bike Insurance for roughly 30-40 thousand rupees from the Bike Insurance company. You will need some documents for clime your Bike Insurance. Documents that you have to keep with you are...
  • Driving License
  • RC Book / Smart Card
  • Life Time Tax 
  • Up-to-date Insurance
  • Copy and bank details
for Two Wheeler Insurance Claiming. So let's go to see how you can safely apply for an insurance claim.

If your motorcycle is, in fact, an accident, then with these procedures you can climb your Bike insurance. And if your motorcycle is not an accident and you still want to climb your Two Wheeler Insurance, then you have to get some needed material. Whether your bike is a company or a model, you have to get some broken Spears in that model. Remember that iron items are more valuable than plastics items because the Two Wheeler Insurance insurance is more pay in ironic material. Let's start without taking the time.

  • Contact your two-wheeler insurance company using Bike Insurance copy:

Two Wheeler Insurance

This time, you should call the helpline number in your bike insurance company and tell the necessary information that you want to claim your insurance or because you are an accident, you want to claim your Two Wheeler insurance. Because I do not know which company's insurance you are using. But here are the methods I'll say that most of the insurance is used in the case of the claim. Find out if you have an FIR to make an insurance claim. In many cases, an FIR is required and in many cases, it is not usually required depending on which company insurance you are using.

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  • The second step of Two Wheeler Insurance Claiming:

Also, from the helpline number, you need to know if you can be a problem if you are servicing your bike. Of course, if you do not ask for this, you can not get insurance coverage if you are serviced without their permission. And if you are servicing with their permission, bill of service and bill of labor charges must be maintained. Because when Verification will be done they will actually check how much you have spent. You can bill by increasing the amount of the showroom or where you are servicing the bike. Keep everything ready beforehand because at any moment the insurance company can come for verification from you without fully informing you. After the service is done, the changed materials will be stored.

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Then, whatever documents they want, like the insurance company order you need to submit in their office. And in this way, you can clamp your insurance, whether it's a new bike or an old motorcycle. If you do not understand anywhere, then please comment in the comments box below and share this post with your friend as much as possible and help them know that insurance can be done in such a way.

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Note: If you enjoy this post then share with your friends and tell him how he also clime his Two Wheeler Insurance without any Accident. If you have any question in your mind regarding this post then feel free and comment below. I'll help you at fast as possible. Also, we don't personally tell any people to clime Two Wheeler Insurance without an accident. We're not responsible for any damage.  Thanks for reading.

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