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List of 10 most wanted hackers

So, friends, we are going to learn about this hacked episode of 10 most wanted hackers who have hacked everything from the bank's money and hack into the government-made security. So, let's get started about 10 most wanted hackers

10 most wanted hackers

the world has changed a lot for the discovery of a computer. Before going to work in today's world, we did not choose the computer as the medium of work. If it is seen that a war which is not only a weapon, it is the most serious hand on technology or computer. Think about how anyone would be able to withdraw money from your account despite knowing your ATM's password? But this kind of game can play by those 10 most wanted hackers, there are people in the world whom we know. The world has become impatient by seeing those working. And today, I'm going to tell you about the 10 hackers who have heard that you will be surprised. And these companies were aware of. But the companies did not take police action to remove him instead of helping him. For this, he was termed as a criminal and sentenced to 65 thousand dollars and sentenced to leave for six months. When the punishment was over, he joined the newspaper and started earning money by tips on hacking people.

  • List of 10 most wanted hackers. And firstly, Jonathan James.

Jonathan James is known in the world of the Internet as Comrade. Rabindranath, Subhash Chandra Bose, Gandhi, like James James and today is not on this earth, but after his death, his exploits still make our normal abnormal even today. At the age of 15, Jonathan James had said that the American government was eating froudegole. He was the only hacker to know about all the hidden information hidden in America by hacking or getting it. Even the network department and NASA could see such large companies and information or secret information. He drove out all NASA space station data worth $ 1.7 million. Necessarily, NASA stopped all their secret work for nearly three weeks. And who had collected this information had to find them. Later, in 2007, Jonathan was arrested by the police and there were various types of punishments on him. He accepted all the words and committed suicide in 2008.
Jonathan James

  • List of 10 most wanted hackers. Cabin Mitnick, 

Cabin Matinik will be surprised to hear the story of being a hacker. The cabin has been called the most cyber wanted in America. Two Hollywood movies have been made about this cabin's life story. He was jailed for three years as a precaution and kept under police for three years. This means that he is punished for a total of six years. Still, he was sent to jail for two and a half years because he again hacked the American National Security information. To get punished like this, mitnik itself is corrected and a consultant is ready. People used to help in learning how to maintain security on a computer. And now he is running a shrewd himself with an issue of how cybersecurity can be tightened.

Cabin Mitnick

  • Albert Gazzalize Albert said that nearly half the number of people in America, including credit card, debit card or ATM card, do not tell the name of the person who had all the information that he had learned through hacking. And he sold millions of credit and debit cards to 17 million people by earning billions of money. He made a lot of money by making fake visa, passport and fake insurance. But you know that the law is too long or too long, so he was caught and lived in prison for twenty years.

Albert Gonzalez

  • Cabin Paulson Cabin Pulsan is known as the Dante. He hacked a radio station and declared the act as the winner himself. In this way, he took over 15 minutes for everything on the top of the network. He announced his name as a winner in an event. He received a sports car as a prize. But this fact was able to catch the FBI, but later he attacked the FBI. And hacked the whole system of the FBI, you can guess how far it was to its power. It is not the end here he hacked the whole system of a supermarket. For this, he was sentenced to 51 months imprisonment or punishment. After coming out of the jail, he joined a news channel and washed his feet and with the help of the right path. The cabin established himself as the editor of that news channel. Afterward, he helped America police in many ways, with the help of a Facebook organization called MySpace in America, and was able to capture the information of many secret criminals to the police and catch them.
Kevin Paulson

  • Gary Mckinnon He hacked America's largest military operation system. She worked 13 months to complete NASA's 13 computers completely under her control. He then said that he was looking for ways to control the UFO and external or other planetary animals. But the police said that he had maintained his mastery over almost 300 computers and had deleted many important files. The US government of America lost $ 70 million. He is still fighting a quota against the American government.
Gary Mckinnon

  • Jensen James Achten Among the hackers, Iraq is said to be the best surprise guru. He discovered such a virus in 2004 that it was powerful enough to hack into his computer as soon as he went to a computer. With this, Janssen maintained domination over these five thousand computers at home and delivered all their information to some other hackers. American police used to get around to catch him and ran string operations. As soon as he was sentenced to 5 years, he had to take away his BMW car from him.

Jensen James Achten

  • George Hotz. It was wrong to throw him into bad guys but it was a mistake. He never hacked NASA's information or to track the credit card or debit card information of someone. He only created a cyber cafe or something that worked with cybersecurity to find out their mistakes and made them ready to do the right thing. Even he gave out all the important information of the iPhone and gave it to his blog post above. He's featured on the iPad's iPad. But the Apple company took up to George K Coat, but the whole thing was resolved outside the court.
George Hotz

  • Adriel Lamo He was the son of a very poor house. So he has been called Homeless Hacker. The New York Times and Microsoft have hacked the company's system. To make him poor, he used to use the public Internet to complete his hacking work. He used to blow up a large company's security system in a coffee shop. 
Adrian Lamo

  • Robot tops Morris. Morris was the chief scientist of National Computer Security in America. He started to give viruses first computer and went to jail for the biggest fraud cash on the computer. He discovered the Virus virus and spread it to the computer world. For this many companies are damaged and kept in jail custody for three years. Now he is a college professor. 
robot tppon moris

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  • Aben Bakar. He established a group with hackers, even at the age of 18. He hacked 1.3 million computers by creating a virus. And damaged 2 million and 60 million dollars. For this virus, the computer alone would have been worse, and he used this virus in different companies and was able to make their computer worse. For this, the FBI had to work or work with the New Zealand government or had to operate the operation. And he was caught, but in 2008, he was quitting innocent. Because he was not an adult, the government told him that he did this work without considering such a crime for which he should not be punished. And considering his future, he is not punished in any way. Now he is a telecommunication security in charge in Australia.
aben bakar

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