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Rank Website Google's First Page using "Google Search Console"

How to get our website to Google's search results in the first place using "Google Search Console". In which way Google crawls our Websites. What is a Sitemap? How to index a page or post using"Google Search Console"? Understanding Google's algorithm is not possible for anyone other than Google, but I have learned from my own experiment that in any way you can bring your website to Google's first search results. Depending on how much you can do it depends on you. I'll only help you with some information that you can keep in mind and also help you to rank in Google. For this, Google itself has found a tool called Google Search Console. Then let's know without wasting the time.

Rank Website Google's First Page

Today, I'm going to show this whole process in blogger blog. For the first time, you need to customize your website well. With a custom link or domain, a professional looking theme, and navigation bar. By navigation bar, you can give your website an incredible look. First of all, you must create four pages which are “About Us”, “Contact-Us”, “Privacy Policy” and “Deskclimber Page”.

Rank Website Google's First Page

Create an Account in "Google Search Console"

You need to create an account on Google Search Console. To create an account, go to Google Search Console and create a step-by-step account with your website link. And verify your site with the HTML code. For this, you have to go to your blogger blog and click on the "Edit HTML" button in the theme of the place and get it "<header> option and there you will have to paste the code below it. And click "Save Theme" button. And after that once again in the Google Search Console click "VERIFY". And that's it. Now your site is part of a Google Search Console. Now you can see the Dashboard of Google Search Console. You need to Wait for up-to one week to get every data of your site And now it's time for "Sitemap".

Search Console site verification
blogger theme customization

If you get any property code you need to paste it into your Blogger Blog. Go to Blogger Blog and in the left side "Setting" and "Other" and below you can see "Google Analytics Web Property ID". You need to paste the code there.

Google Analytics Web Property ID

Then you will have to generate a “Sitemap” for your website. If you have already generated a Sitemap, then skip this step. And if you've created your blog or created a website on Blogger, then you can generate your Sitemap by visiting this site. Please confirm the image below.

xml sitemap for blogger

After generating a “Sitemap” you need to copy the second part of  URL. See the picture below. You just need to copy the Highlighted URL and paste it into your Google Search Console Sitemap. Under Google Search Console, go to "Crawl" and in the drop-down "Sitemaps" after that "ADD/TEST SITEMAP" Then paste it into the box and "Submit". In the review process, it will take up to one week.

sitemap for blogger

add sitemap in search console


After that, you can check your website and all pages are showing in Google or not. To check go to "Site:your-blog-url.com" in the google search bar. You can see a result similar to the image below. Looks like there are no any page showing which we created before. (e.g. “About Us”, “Contact-Us”, “Privacy Policy” and “Deskclimber Page”). Now it's time to add those in Google Search Console. To do that, under Search console go to "Crawl" and in the drop-down "Fetch as Google". As I maintained in below image. Add page link click "Fetch" after that "Request Indexing" in the pop-up chose any of those options and confirm it.
search your website

add page in google search console

Note: By working like that you can easily rank your website in the Google using "Google Search Console". If you have any query feel free and submit your question into the comment box. Every big website owner use "Google Search Console" So, why you not? try it today. Please share this post with your every friends.

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