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Analysis Competitive and Rank Your Website in Google's Fast Page.

Analysis Competitive

Suppose your roll number is 10 in your school. To move you to number one roll number, you can move 9 numbers like step by step, then number 8 and then number 7 and then number 6, one by one, then you can bring your roll number to a number. Similarly, there are competitors on your website. You will be able to come back to Google's Number One page after losing them one by one. Think about which day you can not even try to jump from one number of floors to 2nd floors. You have to go to the number two floor after crossing every step. Links to the website are a bit like that. Once you have done a good job by analyzing a competitor, you will reach the top of the page and Google's number one page in the first place.

  • The question is how to analyze your competitor?

There are many such free and paid SEO tools on the market that allow you to easily analyze your competitor's website. For example, Ahref and SMERush are the best among the biggest SEO tools these days. But to use these you have to spend a lot of money every month. If you want to read about 5 best free SEO tools you can read in my blog. These free tools work almost like paid tools. If your analysis is very good, then no tools will be required to rank your website.

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  • Backlink Checker for Competitive Analysis

The first thing you need to know about how many backlinks your competitor's website possesses. And you will have to get the backlink from those websites that are sitting on the backlink from the website. You can use a backlink checker tool to find out from any website on which your competitor website is back linked with the website. Then start creating backlinks with the help of free SEO tool, remember to create more than 10 backlinks every day, it will maintain the quality of your website.

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  • Post writing Tips with image and video
Before writing articles, search the Internet on the subject that you are about to write in the article, analyze your competitor's websites and see how many articles they wrote. Use a small image or a YouTube video. Try to write better articles than they read in their articles and use more word than that. And of course, find out how to do on-page SEO so that your website is going more popular than before by doing better on-page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Also, Off-Page SEO is so important like On-Page SEO. Keep in mind that you will never be able to rank in Google's if you copy content from somewhere else. Create unique content and easily rank in Google. If you need to do so, then you can copy and paste your content by checking that the text is copyrighted by how much of your article is written. Also, see your keyword Google search and how many times the same key has been used in titles and Description.

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