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If you want to earn online, first of all, you need to know which platform you can generate the most income. There is no end to online income, but three of these are trustworthy YouTube video publishing, Blogging and affiliate marketing. But the question is, where you generate the highest income on any platform in three? What I share today is based entirely on my personal research. My research could not match with many people. I've been working on online income from almost five years ago today. Now my average income is 1000 dollars Of these, I created the channel on YouTube and published the video and started my life in the blogging career and now I have started to look at affiliate marketing and started working on it. So let's start by not spending your valuable time.

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  • Is YouTube the best way to make money online?

YouTube the best way to make money online

If you are talking about YouTube, YouTube offers you a lot of options to earn. For example, Adsense sponsor offers shipping product sealing and branding opportunities. But today, I'm just going to tell you based on Adsense which one of the three best income can give you. If you want to develop yourself as a hero or want to get a branding, then YouTube becomes the best platform for you. Here you can upload 5 minutes of video and get lots of views.

The 5-minute cot can give you up to millions. But if you are talking about earning Adsense ads, then the analysis of my YouTube channel can be understood that despite the fact that the quality of the CPC is very low, I think that YouTube is not a good income generator system for a lot of revenue and for a lot of revenue sharing. Because of the AdSense Ads, here is the share of Revenue as Fifty-five and Fort Five. Which is very low and the competition is too much for you to watch in your video is very painful. If you have 5000 views on a video on YouTube, there is a lot of hardship in dollar income. If I talk about the end of the month of my YouTube channel, it is hardly worth 500 dollars. Let's go to blogging now.

  • Is blogging best way to make money online?

YouTube the best way to make money online?

I have said before that many competitions have increased. The same thing happens with Blog. After the launch of the Geo in India, so much of the competition has increased on blogging beyond the limit. Since you have to make a lot of trouble for getting Adsense Advertise on the blog, and if you need a high-quality website or blog then Adsense gives you the opportunity to earn more income than youtube. Like youtube if you get five thousand views per day on blogging, you can earn over $ 10 on your website. And if you get the view from the United States of America and this kind of region, then from 30 to 50 dollars, you can go up to 5000 views. Because Adsense gives you 68 percent income as a revenue share here and you have to accept all other Adsense ads. But just like youtube blogging and a challenging platform, it is very difficult to find out here that if good content is not made, then you will never be able to find the website. But on low views and blogging is possible to earn a good amount of money, so blogging is the second place I think. If my income is said to be from blogging then at the end of the month, Average earns a thousand dollars from my blogging. Who is the first place if blogging is in second place? Of course, affiliate marketing is the first transfer according to my calculations.

  • Is Affiliate Marketing best way to Make Money Online?
Affiliate Marketing best way to Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing means you can sell the other product and get the commission from it. As many big companies in India give you the opportunity of affiliate marketing. Like the Amazon, Flipcard, Snapdeal, and a different country, the ClickBank helps you convert as a dollar. There is no end limit for affiliate marketing. But for that, you have to encrypt your customers well. The product that you like is not that you have to write a review about the product that your customer likes. For this, you have to do some training with the people from the or from different places and take the verdict from them that they love to buy a product online and you need to write good reviews about the product. Soon you will be able to step forward in progress towards affiliate marketing. Today I am working in affiliate marketing today and my income from affiliate marketing has come to the end of the average of average earnings per 1000 dollars in AdSense and blogging.

After five years of work in the blogging sector, my average income has reached 1000 dollars every month and on the contrary, for the last six months, if you talk about affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing gives me an income of about $ 1000 per month, then think about what you think is better than everyone. Seems to be Income Generator Sources.

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