Blogger AdSense Approval is Really Easy with Those Methods | Blogger AdSense Approval Trick


Blogger AdSense Approval Trick

Blogger AdSense Approval Trick

Many people ask me how do you get approved your AdSense with brand new website so quickly? Today I wrote this post about this issue which many people face. If you can get those methods, then anyone can take the AdSense approval with a brand new website. If you follow some rules, then Adsense will give you the opportunity to respond. But never thought that you have always tried to get AdSense ads for a brand new website but if you do not encounter traffic on your website then how will you get earning of your Adsense if it is approved. Those who try to do this, they do not survive in the blogging sector because they are going to get into the blogging sector thinking about income from Adsense. But they will never be able to blog successfully. On the other hand, if you get an AdSense approval, the interest to work in people increases. If we can take an AdSense approval within five days, why not take it. If you want to get AdSense approval within five days, there are some things you need to keep in mind that your Adsense account will be permanently suspended and your domain or hosting will be fully disclosed for further AdSense apply. Before writing a blog post, Do you ever check on how to write that blog post on your website, When you go to preview your post for how its look like and then you get an impression for your visits to AdSense which is known as the invalid activity? But only then Adsense will not be able to catch up when there is a lot of traffic on your website. So let's start without taking the time, how we can take a fully approved AdSense account for blogger within five days.

  • Which Page Must Need to Create to Get AdSense Approval For Blogger?

You need to create these four pages to get an AdSense Approval. Pages are about Us, contact-us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and if you want to create a page of Sitemap that will rank you in SEO. You must tell your viewers about the Privacy Policy page, whether you are using the Privacy Service or the information about others. And on the Disclaimer page, you have to write Adsense's ads you use, and if you use Ad from some other Ad Networks, you can visit the contents or page of my website which is contact us, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer pages. That's how to create these pages. Then you have to check that all the links on your web site's navigation bar are all working properly.

  • What kind of theme do you use to AdSense Approval For Blogger? 

Use a lightweight theme that is suitable for users. If you have created a website on Blogger or then there is a post posted on my website that will allow you to get some lightweight mobile friendly and SEO Friendly themes that you can add to your website. Too many gadgets cannot be used. Use only the social media sharing buttons and popular post gadget until your website gets Adsense Approval. And you must check for any 404 error page on your site. Keep in mind that the pages you created are live, and if there is any saving as a draft, then you will not get the AdSense approval.

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  • How many posts will be needed for AdSense Approval For Blogger? 
Try to write post 10 to 15 high-quality posts, which do not contain any copyrighted photos or videos or content. And try to write posts in roughly 800 to 1000 words. Whenever you apply for Adsense publish daily by posting a post until the AdSense application is approved. If you write a post daily, there will be traffic congestion on your website so Adsense can understand that you write daily posts and make traffic every day on your website. This will make it easier to get AdSense Approved. Be sure to put the YouTube video you created on the subject that you post, so if the viewer sees your video then your page bounce rate will be lower.
  • What is the bounce rate? 
Bounce rate is when a visitor visit to your website and for how long it's been. If a visitor goes back to your website suddenly, you will be rated high and will not rank your website. If you put a video in your post, the viewer will watch the video and spend more time on your page, which will reduce the bounce rate. Use internal linking to reduce the bounce rate.

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  • Why Social sharing important to get Adsense Approval

Every day after applying for Adsense, repeat your posts repeatedly and share social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, so that lots of traffic is coming from social media. After applying in Adsense, you can get more traffic to your website so you will get the AdSense approval as soon as possible. Remember that you will not get an AdSense approval immediately after applying in Adsense, it can take up to 13 to 14 days for a fairly long time.

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