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Becoming A YouTuber For AdSense Income:-

subhadip barman become youtuber and earrn in adsense

There was a time when I did not know until blogging. One day at a blog post, I see that it is possible to earn money by publishing video into YouTube. It is almost four years since today Then I did not know how to create a channel or upload a video to YouTube. I had a feature phone so that the internet could not be possible. Then, without knowing anything, I bought the old desktops from a friend with my father for four thousand rupees. There was no such system for the village to be in the house to get access to the Internet, I had a modem that was limited to 500 Mb per day on the internet. Then I know that my friend cheated me very well. The desktop that he sold me has a nearly very hanging problem and many spares do not work properly. With that, I started to learn how to create a channel on YouTube and make money from AdSense. Also, I don’t know How to publish videos to YouTube? Slowly after learning everything, I got a dirty plan.

I plan to do this by uploading dirty videos on YouTube and earning money easily from AdSense. Which completely fails and I demotivate. Because my YouTube channel and AdSense accounts were completely closed for policy violation. Because then I did not read the terms of Adsense. Then started experimenting again, how can I earn money by publishing a video on YouTube or uploading a video, I can easily get more attention. Then I think that without resorting to any bad way, I will start uploading videos about the topic that is passionate. So along with my education, I helped others learn how they could also earn from YouTube. This plan completely failed because I did not earn income and tried to teach how to earn income to others.

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Becoming A Blogger For AdSense Income:-

subhadip barman become blogger and earrn in adsense

Then learn about blogging from youtube. I create a blog or create a website that costs 7000 rupees. I did not have the money, so again I had to put my hands behind my father. I say to my father, I must definitely be perfect. I purchased the domain from Godaddy and bought Delux hosting of WordPress and started writing information about the new mobile. As I have posted a lot of posts about bigger mobile reviews or have a big website over the world, so my plan for this completely fails. Besides, I did not know how to do SEO or a website was completely customized. For the waste of money, Dad dumped me a lot and asked me to stop doing that. But I did not learn to accept the rate, so I used to learn in everyday life on YouTube and in some ways how to get online income. To see the YouTube videos, I became aware that I was able to know about all the internet income ways. But seeing more than one and a half years, the time spent on buying and purchasing my domain and hosting has passed or expired. Now there is no money in my hands, so there was no way to start. So, going to work in a car showroom next to my village, I only paid two thousand rupees. I already know from YouTube that on Blogger blog and I can create a website in the freebies. So after getting the first salary, go to the blogger blog by linking a domain from Godaddy and start a new website. And that's the blog that you are now reading. After working hard, I got Aggressive Advance. But there was no income for the visitors not to be seen on the website. Slowly another year was passed. Traffic comes to the website and as soon as it is growing. And Adsense's income started to grow. Adsense's first salary for me comes to $1065. Using the money I bought a new laptop for improving my blog.

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Lenovo IdeaPad 320 (Intel Core i5 7th Gen) Form AdSense Income:-

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 (Intel Core i5 7th Gen) Form AdSense Income

It is not possible to understand the amount of joy that comes after entering the first Adsense money in my account. I bought laptops through Amazon Now my old desktop is really old. But the way the old desktop helped me is unimaginable. I think this old desktop has nothing to do with the new laptops. But in the next shot, this laptop will help me to show you new posts. I hope I can write a post in less than that time that I needed to write a post on an old desktop. If you like this blog post, do not forget to share it with your friends. Motivate your closest person to you and someone you know to help them in any of the tasks. Tell him that he doesn’t need to forget his passion.

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Conclusion: Do not accept rates very easily. Keep working. Try to overcome the obstacles in front of you, you will definitely be successful. And all the mysteries of your life are hidden within the work you love to do. Never tie the ties of nature.

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