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Write Post within 5 Minute.

Write Post within 5 Minute.

On each mobile phone, you will get this option. But writing this post today will teach you something new. There is some Google software that you can use to write your blog post in less than 5 minutes. Think it takes 10 to 15 minutes to write a blog post, but I'll teach you how to write any blog post in 5 minutes. Even if you do not write or speak in English, I can still write English without any knowledge. Google is known as the world's first search engine of this world. If you have an account on, you can download and post official software from the Play Store, or you can write a post using Google Documents. Here you will write a complete voice typing in your own language which will later be converted into English without any grammatical mistake, and then publish it on your website. So let's know how you can write a post of 800 to 900 words in 5 minutes despite not knowing English.

  • Write Post within 5 Minute using Google Gboard.

I previously discussed the Google Keyboard on this website. With Google Keyboard, you can write blogs in more than 100 languages, through full voice typing. You also get the option to share your location in Google Plus or any other social media via Google's Google Keyboard. The software is available in PlayStore. In English, I know a little less. But what I know is rough to run. So firstly I wrote a blog post in my own language and it later converted to English with the help of this Google keyboard. It takes less than five minutes to write a blog post. You can write all the things you can do to Google, and there are so many good options that you are unfamiliar about.

To create a website or blog, so much of the competitional market has increased above that if you have good English or a grammatical mistake, your blog will not be rank easily. And writing a good post means writing 800 to 900 words. Another way to rank the website again is to upload the Daily BASIS article. If you do not have time to write 800 to 900 more days per day, this software will help you tremendously. Also, the more posts you publish, the more traffic is coming to your website and you can earn more income. So with hard work, smart work and very much needed to rank a website. Of course, using this software you can post and verify how it works.

  • Write Post within 5 Minute using Google Docs.

Write Post within 5 Minute using Google Gboard.

If you want to write a post through voice typing in your desktop or laptop, it will also help you in more than one hundred languages. Google Docs In the case of mobile keyboards and Google's desktop or laptop, Google Docs will help you write an article about 800 to 900 words. You can search google docs by typing google and clicking on the new document will open a white page in front of you. You can use Voice Typing when you select your language by clicking on the Voice Options in the Tools option. And you can write a post from 800 to 900 wards.

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