How to make a free blog in blogger [Biggeiner to Advanced] Part-II | Installing custom theme


How to make a free blog in blogger. And how to install a

custom theme.

blogger blog

I already write a post earlier. Where I told you how to create a blog with some basic topics.
Now I'm going to cover how you can install a custom theme in Blogger. But do you know,
why you need to install a custom theme? Because to give a professional look in your blog you must install a custom theme. So, without spending time let's get started.

  • Find a custom theme on the internet for blogger blog. Or download my referral theme. Look the screenshots of a demo blog below. Or how it's going to look like. This is a simple coaded design for blogger and also you can get quick approval in AdSense.

  • Now you have to know how to upload this theme to your Blogger blog. You have to leave for the theme option. Then you will find an option above the right side which is Backup / Restore. Click on it and choose from where you have placed the file, click on the upload file option. Then click on the save button. This way you can easily upload your theme. It does not end here, then you have to choose which link to reach where it will reach or the category will be chosen. This means You need to design the navigation bar properly.

custom theme

theme upload in blogger blog

  •  Now you have to create a “Demo post”, for which you have to click on the “Post” option and click on the “New Post” option. Where do you type some keyword in the form of a level? Which are you going to give the form of links in the future? In this post, you can write or write if you want but spelled the levels which are going to be given, but it must be correct. Otherwise, you will encounter problems later in the theme customization. Choose the image below and choose the desired level. Then you have to edit the theme a little bit.

New post in blogger

Add label in blogger

  • You need to select the Edit HTML button for this. And you can find this option after getting 1772 numbers. If you go there you will see some text like the picture below.

Edit theme in blogger

theme edit in blogger

  • Then stay in the 1772 number <li> <a href='#'> Make Money Online </a> </ li>. By changing this option to  "#",  you will need to provide the link that you first created the label. This means that the linkith the “Lable”, then which Documents every time you write the blog, you will assign that label to which the click on which click on the label will be displayed in all the post front. For example (eg- money online). Then your link will be a bit like this- <li> <a href = ' money online'> Then you will have to change the off where you have written Make money online, as I made make-money-online as coat and I want to show the make money online on the home screen. After all, your link will look like this - <li> <a href = ' money online'> Make Money Online </a> </ li>. If you think of problems in any place, do not forget to comment in the comment box below and thus you want to create pages that are consistent in the same way, in the next steps in your navigation bar, "#" change the text with your link. Save the theme by clicking on the "Save" button. Then open one or the other browser from your Blogger link to see if your demo post is being opened or not, with every click.

Click on this link to see the next episode as of today, where I am going to say how its SEO can be

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