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How to Write Blog Within 3 Minute?

Write down any blog post or your website without any grammatical mistakes in just three minutes.

Content is King. Depending on the type of content you write, depending on how much traffic your website is. And any mistake in it means losing your honor to your viewers. If you have a short period of time to write a blog post, but if you want to write it accurately then this post will help you very much. Spelling, Gramer, Paragraph, Lenth These things help your blog rank better in search results. So while writing any post, you have to keep these things in mind and continue posting. Not only this today, but I will also teach you how to give any blog exactly how you use your voice, without any mistakes, in your own language. The next time you translate into English, you can increase the priority of the blog. So let's start blog post without leaving the time.

  • The first thing that you need to do for this task is "Google Docs". With the help of your voice, you can write a blog in your own language, which can be converted to English later on. And the spelling here will depend on how clearly you speak the voice. So when you say that you have to be careful then your writing and writing is not properly written. And if you want to write through voice using your mobile device, by clicking on this link to know how it is. To write using the voice you first need to do a search by typing "Google Docs" on Google. This time you will open the official page of "Google Docs" in front of you. 

Google Docs

  • Then click on the "Tools" option and select "Voice Typing ...." option. Then you will see a microphone popped up on the left side, which will have options to choose your language. Select the language you want to write in the blog. And pressing the microphone button will start writing what you start to say. This way you can write a blog completely and say it completely. 

Google Docs Tools
Google docs voice typing

  • Then you will go to the "Tools" option and click on the "Translate Document" option and select English as the language on the pop-up and clicking on "Translate" will open a new page and the Document will be completely translated into English. Now copy the Page and paste it into your blog post and once you need to read the whole blog post so that there is no mistake. 

Translate Documents

  • Now the question is how to verify that the grammar is OK? For this, add an extension for Google Chrome, named "Grammarly". This will help you find out if all the spellings and grammar on your blog are wrong at once. You can download this software on your desktop and if you want. The software is not completely free but you can use it for free. 



By using upper tips, you can easily write a blog post very quickly. If you like this blog post, you must know and comment and subscribe to RSS Feed at the subscribe options below to get more such blogs.

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