Is Really Possible to Earn Money from Auto Blogging? | What Is The Truth Behind Auto Blogging?


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Auto blogging

Friends auto blogging is a trending topic this day. People across the world are looking for the world with the least amount of hard earned money to earn. But think of how hard you can create a blog online rather than hard work, but auto blogging is such a sector where you do not have to do anything, everything is automated. Yes, Auto blogging means that everything works automatically, you do not have to do anything in the place or blog post for your website.

But the question is whether it is possible to earn money with the help of auto blogging. In reply to this, I would say it is possible in some parts, but it is not possible in most parts. If you are trying to earn income through auto blogging, you will never be able to earn from Adsense. Many people knowingly apply Adsense's Ad code to get them approved before and they lose their Adsense account as a result of copyright Strick. The meaning of auto blogging means that someone else's posts are automatically posted on your website. It is believed that the news channel used to be on the news website. A news website writes 150 to 200 posts a day, which is a lot. But you can easily publish their posts to your website using their feed URL. Because Adsense will never give you approval for two websites that contain this same article. And if you go back to auto blogging with the new blog, then it's never possible to get approval in AdSense. Think about the options available to check out some Plagmarithom checker on the Internet, which means that you have the option to check copyrighted content where you can copy copyrighted material on your blog post, consider how powerful Google is. She will find copyrighted content on your website and never let your website rank in search results.

If your website has never been ranked, then no traffic will come to your website, and no visitor will come to your website due to which you will not have any income to earn. Since Google is such a great platform, then he will find out your copyrighted content and your blog post will be out of their search results so that no one can find your website. If you do not have traffic then you can not make any money online.

I know there are many big platforms to monetize websites online, except Adsense, but the biggest thing is that if traffic does not come, then you will not be able to earn money from any part of your website online. But to use in some parts of Auto Blogging, it means that if you rank your website fairly then you can use auto blogging. Or if you do not have a new idea of ​​post writing, you can use auto blogging. But keep in mind that the fans or the public memorizing your website or your website repeatedly comes back to be good content, only those visitors will come to your website and from which you can earn a small amount of money.

There will be some websites or videos online that tell you about the different types of auto blogging. Many people show the road to earning 60,000-70000 or 1 lakh rupees from auto blogging, but it is not always possible to use them for earning money. According to your idea, is auto blogging really worth the money? Please reply to this question by commenting in the comment box below.

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