My Fathers income vs. my income strategy 2019 | Old Income Vs New Income Types


Old Income Vs. New Earn Money Online  Strategy.


My dad lives in agriculture and it is our life deserving source. And I'm working online to live my life. I have many friends who run their daily expenses by cultivating or working hard. But for the smallest to attract my mobile or computer, I am one of the online successful people. Many of you may have read this post, who earn hard earned income in daily life. This is Digital India or Digital World. There are many ways to earn money, some of which you know or you do not know. Online is such a great place to have many ways to earn. Where you earn money by working hard with your arm, you have to earn money by using your head. If you read this post today, you may be a little motivating for online income. But remember, if you have any experience in the field, whether it is farming or fishery or shopkeepers, you can write online about your experience, even in your own language. With this, you can earn a lot of money online if you do the job carefully. Today I will let you know on two examples how it works.

  • My Father's Earning strategy


My dad lives in farming and every three months he earns a huge amount of money. We have a total of five bighas of space. Which is cultivated twice a year. Once every three months, the crop rises. From which my parent's income ranged from 1 lakh to one and a half lakh In these three months, My father cannot be seen in the house for a day or so because he worked hard day and night. There is no holiday for the day of the obstructive rain day. Because he knows if he does not give time on the field, money will be wasted or crop will be lost. So compulsively he did the job. Obviously, it is a little wrong to say that he loves to do this work very much. Thus my father earns money every three months.

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  • My Earn Money Online Strategy

earn money online

On the other hand, if I say that I earn up to one to two and a half lakh per month online. I have some websites and there is a YouTube channel whose total amounts have told you. Here is a five-to-ten minute writing post and publishing it and there are a few traffic and on my website who love to read my post. And naturally, my income is from Adsense Advertising. Here, I do not have to trouble him in the shower of water. Those income is sitting at home came to my house. But the difference between my dad's work and my work is that if I do not publish content every day in my daily life, my website will be closed and if my father does not go to the field then the money will be wasted.

If you are studying a little or if you have a tenth fail and you can also earn money online. Only one of the conditions is that you need to know to browse the internet at roughly and you have to gain experience with one of the issues. Then you will have to start writing every day and publish daily. It may take a lot of days to get your help but you will learn as much as you do, and you will get success as one day or one month.

Note: If you want to choose what type of income you want in your life, please be sure to comment below. Every month your income comes from what you do in your real life or what work you prefer. If you have any questions, please comment in the comments box.

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