WordPress vs Blogger - what is the most profitable platform to make money online in 2019


WordPress vs Blogger 

Blogger vs WordPress

If you are going to start your blogging career then this blog will help you very much. Because I write articles on topics like how to get a daily income from Adsense or online income. So, save this website as your bookmark to get the next great post. Today's question is where you start blogging at WordPress or blogger blog, Which will be most profitable and AdSense approved the first of all.

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Blogger is Google's free product. Blogspot Bloggers have the option to share their content or your knowledge to Blogger Publishers. If you just need to have an email account to create an account on Blogger blog, then you can create a website on a blogger blog. But the first question is, what is the first place in the WordPress blog or Blogger blog? In response to my blogger blog according to research. Yes friends in blogger blogs you can get an AdSense approval before Wordpress, because Google analyzes all the issues and since blogger blog is a part of Google, this is why it is the first time that With the help of an AdSense affirmation on the blogger blog, the Adsense account has the ability to debug and very few. Because when you are creating an account in Blogger blog, Google does your entire website and you are in charge of it. So here you are not afraid to become Adsense deceptive with Adsense Approval easily.

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You have to get some money to create WordPress's blog. You can create WordPress blog by buying hosting and domain, hosting from Bluehost or Goddaddy. Since you are spending money, here you will find many different features. Here, you will get a thousand of the plugin, which allows you to customize your website by dragging and dropping. Wordpress.com is the best one to use in Dynamic Themes. Because here, with the help of plugins and using CSS JavaScript, you can easily customize your blog, which is not possible on Blogger blog. If you use a lot of CSS and JavaScript in WordPress, the speed of your website does not decrease, which is due to the use of CSS JavaScript for blogger blogs, there is a fear of decreasing the speed of the website. On WordPress, you can add JavaScript or CSS on any page that you do not want to be able to do in Blogger blog. If people give money to eat tiger milk then spending money means that these extraordinary and extraordinary features will definitely be available. And if the ranking is said to be spoken then both bloggers and WordPress are considered to be 50-50. Because the way you can do SEO depends on the ranking of your blog.

If you are going to start new blogging or blogger.com, choose someone as your first hosting carrier and start buying a top-level domain from Godaddy or other domain providers, if you think you are an expert in the blogging sector then definitely wordpress.com You can use. There is a problem with Adsense it is completely your responsibilities. But in blogger.com if you find that your account has a high CTR or blogging problem, then Google automatically solves it.

Note: What are you chosen WordPress or blogger as your blogging sector, do not forget to comment in the comment box below? we try as much as possible to help you. And share this post with your friends and help them know if they start from where they are most profitable.

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