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Google Optimization Tools

Google Optimization Tools

For those who are still hosted by Blogspot bloggers, it is happy news for you that you will be able to use plugins like Wordpress by adding your Blogger blog and extension. This extension will be of great help to you if you are going to start or are presenting your blogging career. So far there was not a good option for customizing blogger blogs, but many people do not know that there is no better platform like blogger blog anywhere else. The better bloggers will be able to transfer to WordPress after learning about blogging. But according to Google's rules, blogger blogs are the top priority for Google as it's Google's own product, so Google has crawled the blogger blog first. No matter how good the Web site is, if your hosting is not good then your website becomes slower and it can never rank on Google's first page. If you have a website on your WordPress website, if your website runs 100,000 traffic suddenly, your website's servers are going down. But if your blogger's Blogspot has a website, no matter how much traffic comes to it, its servers are never down. So, according to my idea, the blogger free platform is the best of blogging. But there was no special customization method, no one wants to create a website on the blogger blog, but today I am going to change your ideas.

Google has created a dedicated extension for bloggers that allows you to customize your website by dragging and dropping like WordPress. If you do not know HTML, JavaScript or CSS, then with this extension you can give your website an amazing look. Also, Google will be able to command which gadget will attract the most visitors. I have seen many bloggers who use the Blogspot subdomain to bring millions of traffic to their website in a day. Today I will show you all the steps by step-by-step to use this extension so that you can read the whole post. So let's start without leaving your precious time.

  • Google Optimization Tool

Google Optimization Tool
Google Optimization Tool is one such extension that lets you customize your website without any knowledge. If you do not know the programming language of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, then this extension will help you very much. But I discussed the steps that you need to take to add this extension to your website. The first thing you can do is click the link and go to the official page of the Google Optimization Tool. You have to sign up for the first time. If you are a blogger then signing up will not be difficult for you. If there are problems in signing up, please comment in the comment box below. I will help you.

After signing up first, you will be able to open the dashboard of the official page of the Google Optimization Tool. On the dashboard's right site you will get an option that is Container Setup. Especially where you have to work. In the container setup option, you will see your container number and you will find options to link Google Analytics code right here, by clicking on the link button you can link your google analytics with Google Optimization Tool.
Google Optimization Tool

Then you will be able to open “add optimization to your website” option. At present, skip this effort and proceed to the process below. Below you will find the “Create Account and Container” option where you will have your choice enable option. And then you will get the option to “link to Google Analytics”. You have already done this method if you have any link option then link it, then you can link your website with your Google Analytics. How to create an account in Google Analytics, if you do not know or want to know more from me, then comment me in the comment box below.

After this, you will get the option to “start experience”. Here you will first need to create the “first experience”. You also get the option of “Creative Experience” by clicking on it, after selecting the name, provide the link to the website you want to edit. And you will see four options, which are A/B-Test, Multivariate test, Redirect test, and Personalization. Click on Personalization and click the Create button in the right corner. Now you will have a personalization option in front of you.

After this, click on this link to download chrome-extension for Google's optimization tool. After downloading the Chrome extension, again go to the official Google Optimization Tool and click on the Make Site Changes button, it will redirect your website and the page that you want to edit will open in front of you. Now you can change your website any way you like. Hope you do not need any further help to post edit. This type of change is what you want to do with these extensions that you can do without the HTML code or no need the JavaScript code.

If you like this post, you should share your other blogger's friends and help someone know how they can customize the blogger blog like WordPress site free with help of Google Optimization Tools. If there are problems facing the comments in the comment box below, and how you get helped using this tool or if you have already used this tool, then please comment on the following in the comment box below. I am interested to hear your questions.

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