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Google Ranking Tool

Google Ranking Tool

One of the most valuable assets of a good blogger is good SEO tools or some extensions that help them to make their blog even more beautiful. The following extensions or Google Ranking Tool will help you if you want to bid on a website that is ranked over you. Today I'm going to talk about three extensions that help you rank your website on Google's first page. But remember that every person has their own personalities and using your own intelligence, you can rank on Google's first page without any tools. If you research more with better thought concepts, then you can understand which topic your website can be at Google's first place. Since these extensions are completely free, you can use one more time to improve your research system.

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It is necessary to work hard to bring a website to Google's first page. If you are a new blogger, of course, you will face many problems, but if you follow my advice, you can definitely go on Google's first page. There was a time when I had no experience with Blogger. Three to four years just by researching and attempts today I am a successful person at blogging According to my idea that he never did wrong, he could never acquire the right education. You can find the right path without making mistakes. So let's start without leaving your precious time.

  • Keyword Everywhere-Keyword Tool

I think this extension is the best keyword research tool as possible. Whenever you type a keyword in Google, how much it's computational and how much of that keyword is searched every month, and how many CPC are applied to the keyword in Adsense, you can know that with this only chrome-extension. Also with this extension, you will find that some of the keywords related to the keywords you are searching with are keywords. With this help, you get the idea of writing new posts. In detail, I have written a post that you can find by clicking on this link.

  • Write Post Using Grammarly Software

This software has really been very useful. With this software, this extension will help you to correct any errors in a gametal mistake or variable mistake when writing any posts or pages. And most importantly, you can use this software for free. If you spend a little money, you will get premium functions and with that, you can further improve your post and page errors. Most bloggers have made mistakes in English, which you can find out with the help of this extension. If necessary, you can download software designed for it to run on your PC or laptop. In one word, Grammarly is the most popular software to catch grammar and error.

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  • Google Translators

Many do not want to use this software or google-chrome-extension. And many think that it is used only to translate the language. Yes, it is really used to translate the language, but with its special use, you can also move your website to Google's first page. But what kind of thing does it use to be able to rank your website on Google's first page? You will have to research once you write a post about any topic, how many more people wrote posts about it. By opening the websites you find, the results will be translated into your language and you can analyze how well you can write a better post. Many of these extensions may not like, but I chose it for my personal use. When I started posting a topic, before that, Google has researched this issue very well that if I write a post about it, then why would people like to see it? And after searching Google in that topic, I open the websites that are in front postede and with the help of this software, it is better to encrypt the language and to encrypt it better than writing a better post. According to your idea, this software can really help to run on Google's first page. Please comment in the comment box below.

I post a new topic in daily life, if you like this post, if you like it, share your friends with no needlessness and help someone know them, they can also bring their website to Google's first place using these extensions. If you have any questions in the comments box in the comments box below, I will try to answer your question as soon as possible. Thank you.

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