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Add In-feed Ads on Blogger Blog

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With this advertising method, you can add an advertisement after a post on the home page of your blog or website. When people enter your website and a post and then click on one post and if there is an advertisement then the way of getting income from Adsense increases a lot. In Feed Ad is a kind of native ad. And to advertise this advertise on your website's homepage, you will have to do a little bit of HTML work which I will detail on this web site's post. Today, I'm going to teach you the method of applying an in-feed ad in such a way that, after which a blog post will come up with advertising that will look like a complete post. So let's start without leaving your precious time.

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  • Requirements For In-feed Ad Placement In Blogger Blog

If you want to add In-feed ads on your website then you must comply with those terms. You need a fully approved AdSense Account to place this ad. If you don’t have any fully approved AdSense account yet then you can read How you can approve your AdSense account within 15 days. If your website is not full complicated, then you will not be able to use In-Feed Ad in any way.

If you want to fully approve your website with AdSense then must create 'contact-us' Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. These pages are very important. If you do not have these pages on your website, then you will not get a fully approved Adsense account.

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  • How to Generate In-feed Ad Code

If your website has been approved to Adsense then you must first log in to Adsense and after going to the add unit click on the New Add Unit button. And after clicking on the in-feed ad, you will have the option of four types of advertising in front of you, in which your website will be able to generate In-Feed Ad Code by changing the type of color that you like, such as the type of postcode. Once you generate an In-Feed Ad code, you can use it everywhere.

  • Where do you paste the In-feed ad code into your website?

If your website is hosted on Blogger blog then first of all go to your Blogger blog's dashboard and go to the Theme Options and click the Edit HTML button to edit your theme in front of the menu bar Will open And with the option of theme editing, you need to press Control+F the inline ads code like the image shown below in front of you by pressing control+f and typing inline ads. Click here there are three dots, you will start showing the inline line from the footage and by clicking on the free posted add button on it, you can choose which post will then show yours advertise.

After a little bit of inline add, the data edit default will be written in the bottom when you have to paste your In-Feed Ad code. See the picture below for details. After clicking on Save Theme Options, your theme will be saved and you will be able to open your website within 10 to 15 minutes to see an In-Feed ad roaming on your website. Once you have installed an In-Feed ad code, you will not need to add a new In-feed ad anymore.

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