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Write SEO Friendly Article

Write SEO Friendly Article

If you are a blogger you must know that no SEO needed to Blogging five years ago. But today if you want to bring your post to Google's first page, then SEO must be done. I know you think the biggest thing is content. The better you can write the content, the better your website rank is exactly the same. But the online website has increased so many competencies that it is taking a lot of time after writing good content for Google's first page, but you can do a little SEO to get your page up in the immediate google.

No special skill is required for this. Whenever you write your article, you have to give the keyword that you have targeted. Many people think that writing a good post is to write 800 words. But this idea is completely wrong. Writing a good post means answering your visitors completely on the topic you wrote about. Maybe you need to write 300 words and the answers to your visitor's query.

There is content in King. The better content you can write, the sooner your website will become ranked, it is a real fact. But you probably do not know that the most secret SEO to run a website is consistently Maintain. If you have written two posts in 1 week, then try to write two posts every week. And if you write a post in one week then try to write a post next week. In this way, you must consistently maintain. consistently Maintain is not the largest Asian anywhere else.

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  • The title, Description, Permalink, Image modification

comes out of only a little SEO. The first thing to look for in order to bring a post or page to Google's first page is Targeted Keywords. You have to work with some keywords that have a lot of search volume per month and less competition. And the Keyword you want to give it the title and heading from number 1 to 6. And try to use the same keyword 5 to 10 times between the post.

But keep in mind that if you use the same keyword more than 10 times, then it will be known as Keyword Spamming. If you use one keyword 10 times in your post and Google crawlers crawl your website, then you will see your website will be able to get your search results first.

Then you have to use your targeted keyword two or three times in the description of the post on your website. The same keyword will be used as a permalink. All the images used in your post must use the ALT text attribution.

One of the reasons for writing SEO Friendly Article is to explain to Google's crawler that your website is a subject. Most people are wrong here that they started working on multi-keyword, so Google's crawler did not understand what a website was about. The publisher thinks that the keywords that people search for so many keywords, the website will first appear in Google which is totally wrong. You'll always have to work with a single keyword that helps Google to understand what your website is about.

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