Maximize Your AdSense Earning By Placing Ads Between Post on Blogger Blog 2019


Maximize Your AdSense Earning

Maximize Your AdSense Earning

The primary purpose of every blogger's post is to share knowledge with people. And the second purpose is to share their knowledge and try to earn some money from it. More than 90 percent of the 100% people in the world have chosen Adsense as their main income source. Adsense is an advertising network in the world that allows you to earn up to millions of money in a month. Almost all websites use Adsense, and bloggers who use Blogspot blogs today, I will talk about a system that allows you to increase your income further. Most poor bloggers use Adsense and this is their main income source, so today I will say some places with ads placements where you can add more income to your income by adding Ad code.

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Editing a blog or website is not the perfect way of earning money. You should see a blog post, which is the best place to add Ad code to the most money you can earn online. More than 80 percent of new bloggers do not know about this idea. They add ad code to the Gadget option in the theme of the website and try to earn from it. But you can increase your income by adding Adsense ad code to a special place. Today I will teach you the opportunity to get the most income by applying the ad code.

Since the blogger is an active free platform, there is no option to add CSS here. But there is an option called Adsense in-article Ads placement, which generates the ad code and allows you to increase your income by more than 200 percent by putting Adsense ad code in your HTML page or post. This code is like a CSS file to see, but it works on HTML posts or pages. So it is called in-article ad. So let's get started to know the places where you can paste your Ad code to Maximize your AdSense Income.

  • Adding to the headline of the page or post

Most people unknowingly put pictures after heading to attract viewers. But if you add this ad code after heading, then this ad code shows a text file with the photo and that helps attract viewers more and generate more income. If you search, most websites place a picture after heading (e.g. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) but you can use this ad code without taking pictures. Of course, you can see a good income from Adsense.

But first of all the question is how to generate this ad code? To generate this ad code you will need a fully approved Adsense account. If your website is open to AdSense, then you can earn more money by using the ad code. Below I will show the process to generate this ad code in detail.

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  • Paste Ad Code Between Article or Pages

When you write every post, you are doing para in some places. You can present an advertised show by placing this ad code in the places where you are para. People love reading articles more than looking at the gadget, so the article is most visible in the eyes of people when you add ad code between post. And the likelihood increases to be ad Click. But keep in mind that more than three Adsense ads should not be included in a post, and this is against Adsense policy. If you have more than three Adsense ads code in a post or page, then your Adsense account may be disabled.

  • How to Generate In-Article Ad Code
How to Generate In-Article Ad Code

In Article Ad Code Generation is not a matter of particular hardship. Those who have been blogging for a long time with Adsense or YouTube, they certainly know about this method. If you do not know about this method, first you need to login to Adsense and go to the Ad Unit option and click on the New Ad Unit button, you will get the option In-Article Ads. There are different types of form that match your website or you will like to use it for your post and as a result, you will see a good income in AdSense.

If you are having problems with generating In-Article ad code, please comment in the comments box below, I will try as much as possible to help you. If you love reading this post, please do not worry, share it with your friends and help them find out how good ways can be used to earn income online. For any type of question, there is a comment box below.

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