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Secret Tips To Rank Website Fast

I would like to discuss today the kind of misunderstanding that every new blogger does on their website. If you are a blogger and after writing a good post, your website can not rank on Google's first page, then this website will really help you. If you publish 3 to 4 posts per day on your website, but still do not rank your website, then I will discuss more the methods that you need to follow. Today I will teach you how to write a post or you need to keep in mind what to write a good post.

At the beginning of writing a post, you will have to use some information that will be the final decision on the topic of the blog post you write. For example, if you have written a website that is Health Related, then you can say that-
“I also cut 30 kilos of weight in 15 days as it analyzed this blog post. If you hide from others because of your excess weight, then please read this post all. I also had a time when I could not stand in front of someone else because of excess weight. If you have encountered similar problems, then this post will help you. Let's start without leaving your precious time.”
You have to hook your viewers to your website by writing something like this.

Content Is King To Rank Your Website Googles Fast Page.

One of the main parts of a website is its content, its content. But as soon as you are writing content you need to optimize your website. If I optimize what kind of website you really come to Google's first page, then I have discussed the details below.

Title Is Most Important Part Of A Blog Post To Rank Website Fast.

If you do not write as good a post, then if your title is not attractive then no person will enter your website. If no person enters your website, then your website will never rank as good as you enter it. You can take ideas from some magazines about how to write good titles. Magazine or news channels use their attractive title, which is why people are attracted to it and they open the post. The title should be liked in a manner that has a critical direction. For example-
pimples will never back with those tips. Or how I lose my weight within 15 days Or Dodge Toothpaste If you have given some such Cancer.
people will get attracted to your website and then start reading your blog post. Try writing a blog post using “You” and “I”. In it, your viewer will feel that you are talking directly to him. This method really works like a magic.

The next important part is the heading. In many cases, people can only hide your blog posts by leaving headings in rush. So it is necessary to provide headings from H1 to H6. And in every heading, you need to highlight the main content and analyze it in small paragraphs. For your website, use some themes that are mobile friendly. Research shows that most mobile users enter your website and if your website is not mobile friendly then more than 70 percent of users will leave your website. Use small sentence and use line space if needed. Try to satisfy your viewers as much as possible and write them down to your content as well as understand them.

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Use 1 or 2 Picture To Rank Website Fast

In the words, there is a picture that means more than half the content of your blog post. So try to use 1 to two photos in your post. Use a YouTube video that will help reduce your website's bounce rate. If your website load time is too high, then users will come immediately and if he presses the back button then your bounce rate will be higher and Google will feel that there is no valuable content on your website, which is why users are returning immediately. So Google will remove your website from the first page. So use as much as possible inbound links and outbound links that increase your chances of decreasing your bounce rate.

The more images you use, use the image alt text and write your post related word. If a person has searched for a picture in Google, then if your picture shows in front of it, then click on that image and you can reach directly on your website. This way you can increase your engagement and increase the user on your website.
Conclusions Are the Most Important Part To Rank Website Fast
At the end of each blog post, you will need to use the conclusions so that you have a final decision. As you write about this topic, you will have to say about some of the things that you love most and what you have used yourself. Or use some of the things that could harm you if you use it, all users will increase your engagement about your website or increase trust. As a result, there are many chances of those users who repeatedly visit your website or save your website as their bookmarks.

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Write 300-800 Words Post With Full Detail To Rank Website Fast
Many people say that to write posts from fifteen to two thousand words or three thousand, but in this case you will see that there are many people who have got Google's data out of voice search and they want to find answers to their questions at a lower cost, in case your website Or the blog post is too big, your website will not be read by anyone and your hard works will be in vain. So try all the time using the low length words to discuss the best detail. Try to create AMP pages or accelerator mobile pages. If your website is hosted in WordPress, you will get many plugins that allow you to use an AMP or Accelerated Mobile Friendly theme or make your website faster.


In the end, let's tell you the summary of this blog post is to use one or two images using a good title and to use a lot of headings in which your valuable items are mentioned. Using conclusions and using a YouTube video, which will help increase watch time on your website and help reduce bounce rates. Use some links related to your post, which allows people from one post to go to other posts, and your bounce rate will decrease. If you like this post, then share it with your friends. If there are problems in any place, then in the comment box below, I will try to help you as soon as possible.

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