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Rank Website Top on Google Within 10 Days.

SEO in simple word

If you are a blogger you must know these things. And if you are going to start a new blog and are wondering if blogging will be successful in 2019, then you can start your new blog all this post. In the future, almost all the tasks will be done online so I think this is the best time to start blogging. But in order to increase the number of competition in this sector, you have to accept the concept of SEO or search engine optimization. With this post, I will try to give you an idea about SEO as easy as possible. So let's start without leaving your precious time.

To get a good idea about SEO, you need to improve the research system. There will be many online or offline people who can ask for money to make SEO on your website. But never need to pay for SEO because no one knows when Google's algorithm changes. Suppose you pay someone today and do SEO for your website, but after a few days, if Google updates the Algarithom, then that money will not be used in any part of the investment. So in my opinion, use Google to learn SEO. If you want to start blogging and want to achieve something then you need to write good SEO friendly article. To write SEO friendly article you need to follow those tips which mansion below.

Count Word Of Competitors Site To Do SEO
Properly Optimize Image & YouTube Videos
Check Inbound & Outbound Links
Keyword Search And Analyze
Search For Backlinks

  • Count Word Of Competitors Site To Do SEO

The first keyword that you have targeted or the keywords you are attempting to rank your website, the keyword will be encrypted by how many people have created already websites. There is a way to find out how many websites your keyword has been created. If you search Google by typing this keyword you will find the first 10 results, the first five results of the ten results will be encrypted by you for the website to run your website in Google's first place. So the first thing to do is to open the first five websites that have come to the search result and calculate how many words of this article are written. For example, the articles are written on a website with 500 words or written in the article 1500 words, in that case, you have to write 1600 to 1700 words articles to rank higher than their websites. So note that in your notepad, the article you are about to write will be 1700 words.

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  • Properly Optimize Image & YouTube Videos

Analyze each website on those five websites, see which websites have used how many photos on its website or used a GIF image and YouTube videos and YouTube videos on your web site to better understand many websites. The best way to use the video is to reduce your website's bounce rate significantly. People stay on your website for a long time and watch videos so that the bounce rate of your website is reduced significantly.

  • Check Inbound & Outbound Links

Then you will have to analyze the same site and see which web site uses some outbound links and inbound links. Outbound links mean that this article is not infusing any other article or website. And in the same way, the inbound links must be used. If a website uses five inbound links, you need to use seven inbound links. For example, you can use seven to eight inbound links if a website uses five inbound links. This way you can bring your website to Google's first place.
  • Keyword Search And Analyze
You are trying to rank in Google's first page with your main keyword right, after searching Google on that keyword, you have the search results like the following picture below. And in this search result, you will see that title and how often it is used in the same keyword on the description. And you have to write titles and descriptions in the same way.

On-page SEO

  • Search For Backlinks
The last method is to check backlinks. The five websites that are on the first page of Google should fully encrypt each website to know where a web site has received backlinks. If he has received five backlinks for the Particular page on a web site, then 25 backlinks for all the five websites you are encrypting. So the way they get a backlink, the same way you have to accept more backlinks than those particular pages or articles. According to Google's idea, backlink or off-page SEO works up to 50% in the banking sector.

Also, you need to put your targeted keyword and related keywords between your post 5 to 10 times. And set your permalink with targeted keyword. Those thinks can rank your website Googles fast page. If you have any doubt in your mind about this SEO tricks then fill up the blank comment box below. I want to hear where you ger problem also, want to solve it. If you satisfied then please share with your friends.

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