Biggest mistakes Every New bloggers make | Learn From There Mistakes And Make Your Website viral


Avoid Blogging Mistakes And Be your Own Boss

If you are going to start your new blogging career but do not know how to start at first, then this website will help you very much. I will tell you today that every new blogger makes mistakes at the beginning of their blogging career so that you do not make this mistake a second time. Most bloggers go to start blogging, but they do not know that if you are not much experienced on any topic, you will never be able to earn money from your blog. Besides, there are some other big mistakes that every blogger has to do. So let's start without leaving your precious time.

Blogging mistakes

Do Not Start A Niche You Passionate About.

Do not start blogging on any topic that you have no experience or less experience about. If you love to do any work, that is your passion. So the first step is to start blogging on a good topic that will allow you to share your experience with the next time, and the experience will be happy by everyone. There are many new bloggers who write blogs without having a complete idea of blogs about those blogs, and their posts never get the place on Google's first page because they can not write completely. It is a matter of fact that you have started to teach people about the topic you will be aware of. It will definitely be successful. You also need to keep in mind that you have to accept an issue that the Internet is doing a lot of research, but very few people have created the website.

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Where to start (blogger or WordPress)

Then if you have a question, then after choosing a good topic, you can create your own website. If you are a new blogger, then I will first tell you that Google's is a Free Product. This product will give you all the benefits and you can use it completely free. Many think is better than but this idea is somewhat wrong. Because the blogger's blog is Google's product so Google is the first blogger to scan the blog and see what kind of content it contains, then it goes on to other hosting to find good information and to give good information to the user. So if you can write good information on a free blogger blog, then your website will be ranked first in Google.

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The difference between and, these two websites is only that you have to do with a little bit coding at, but all of them in becomes a drug and drop integration because there are so many plugins available that use You can do the tasks, but for that you have to spend a lot of money to start. But my rules are a bit different from the first you earn from the website and spend the money you spend on website development. If you do not, you may not know whether you can generate income from the website, but you can spend a lot of money.

Theme To approve Google AdSense (paid or free)

Many people think that using free themes you can’t approve Google's AdSense application. It is totally wrong because I have used many websites where Google Adsense has provided me a fully approved account despite the free theme. So you will find an extraordinary great free online theme that will give you unique user experience with branding or brand if you use it on your website so you can use a free theme if you are going to start new ones. And if you want to start with an absolutely professional, then you can use a paid theme without delay.

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Don't Just Go For Backlinks Make Some Unique Content
Many people think that if they have a lot of backlinks, their website is quickly ranked on Google's first page. Consider if your content is not good, despite having a lot of backlinks, your website will never have a place on Google's first page. That does not mean that backlink is not an important part. As well as writing a good post, it takes a very important part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But first, you have to create a lot of posts and then get the backlink from other websites. But keep in mind that from the very beginning, do not just play backlinks because it can make your website ranking worse than your time.

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Blogger's mistakes when choosing titles

No matter how well you write the contents of your website if your title is not very attractive, then no visitor will go to your website and your every spending valuable time is worth. If you see different magazines, you will realize that they use such a remarkable great title that attracts a lot of people and is forced to read the magazine. So, look at different types of magazines and magazines as you like and try to write your web site title questioner so that your visitors will get attracted to your website and read your valuable content. With this, you have to create your website's original title and the same way.

Some things to be used all the time when you write a blog post.

While writing any post you should keep in mind and research how many people will read that post if you write that post. For the first time, you have to research a lot online and see if people want to read about the topic you are about to write. After choosing the title, your website will be optimized to optimize the SEO as well. The keyword that you have targeted or the keyword that searches for a lot of people in your daily life, the keywords that you use in your post must be repeated and bolded under post so that search engines can better understand what your website writes about.

Permalink is important in every blog post

If you choose to Permalinks post has to be related to your post of his ward, who will be the target. With each post, you need to use a minimum of 1 to two images, which will be completely related to your post. Where there is a picture, more than 50 percent of your post explains. If you can, then definitely use a YouTube video that will help you understand your post and help reduce your website's bounce rate. According to Google's idea, if the bounce rate of a website is too high then the website may not return to any important document or content, so visitors are going back and forth to try to reduce the bound rate as much as possible. To reduce the bounce rate, you need to use inbound and outbound links on your website.


Above all, for creating a good web site, you need to optimize by posting a good topic along with a good post and accept the backlink with a good post, write a good title, and use a well-known YouTube video and a good reputation for your website. Increase the ranking. If this content is good for you or in some way you know that I can not supersede, then please tell me and make the comment in the comment box below.

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