How To Get Traffic For Your Blog? | Those 7 Free Tools Can Make At Least 10k Visitors Per Day


7 Tools for getting 10k free visitors per day on your website.

I know it is very difficult to get traffic to a new website. You may also dream that creating a website and teaching your people according to your knowledge will earn a little money. But today it is not possible for you to have a lot of competition. If you are writing articles using valuable time and posting very well, then traffic to your website is not coming, then you have come to the right place and this post will help you very much. Today I will teach you seven things that you can use to bring more than 10,000 traffic to your website every day. So please read this post carefully.
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If you have more than five hundred traffic on your website every day, then please enter the comment box below with “Yes” and if there is 500 or less traffic on your website then please write to the comment box below with “no” to help me know that in the next article, I will write an article in which you will be benefitted and I will get rid of your problem.

The First tool I've for you is

The first tool I used to do is Using this tool, you can share a post together in numerous social media and you will be able to share it once in the future. Many people think that sharing a post in more than one social media might be some kind of spamming. But this idea is completely wrong because you can not get traffic from social media as long as you do not share it by yourself and it does not admit to spamming it in any way.

Also with this tool, you can determine from the beginning that at any time it will be automatically published to your social media to use this tool and the amount of traffic you have on your web site will be coming from social media. And if there is a lot of traffic on a post from social media then that post increases the chances to rank on Google's first page.

The second tool is

And the second best tool I'm going to share with you is that Facebook is the third largest search engine in the world. More than 90 percent of the people in the world use Facebook so that you can bring a lot of traffic to your website. It basically gives you the option of subscribing to your website from your Facebook Messenger. As a result, whenever your Facebook messenger will see the posts of your website and subscribe to your website, immediately with your lead generation, you will get more follower and your click-through rate will increase significantly. Click-through rate will be about 30 to 40 percent increment, which will result in more traffic on your website and more fane follower, which can result in a lot of traffic. So try this tool today.

The third one is

And the number three awesome tool I brought for you is With this tool, you can basically know which post is the most searched on social media, and your post will show some related posts, which will help you know that when you write an article or post on any topic, you can get the most traffic to share in social media.

So firstly find your topic on this website and know that the most traffic is coming on top of any topic, and you need to write better posts and articles better than the previous one, and what you have to share on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. These are the ones that will make your daily traffic going to your website from around 10 to 20 thousand. And lastly, you can earn huge amounts from your website.

You can use these tools completely free of charge so you can use this tool for free, and once again come back to this website and let me know how much help this tool has or can not help you.

No.4 is the

And the number 4 free tool that I'm going to tell you about is I know that most people use this website for YouTube and check subscriber growing but it can help you more than that. With this, you can analyze your website and your posts and realize that the most traffic is coming from any social media or your fan followers are increasing in social media and accordingly, you can take the next post and share your post with social media. Can take it.

From this website, you can find out how many visitors are coming from your Facebook or visiting a number of new visitors. If you know from Facebook on your website, you will be able to publish the post again on Facebook again and from which you can bring traffic to your website. Keep in mind that no one will come directly to your website in this compilation market until you explain to them how important things are to your website. So, using social media, you can get a lot of traffic, so you must use these tools once on your website.

No 5 is the

And the awesome 5 free tool is You may wonder how the website is reading in the social media share. It's not a social media website, but with that, you can collect the email list of your visitors, which we also know as Lead Generation.

With this, you can collect your visitor's e-mail list and email them directly to your new post and with this help, you can bring a lot of traffic to your website. You probably do not know how much to pay for calculation of lead generation or email list. Those who are just waiting to give you an email list and their exchange take a lot of money from you.

With this website, you can take a full free email list and you can increase your website fan follower. Every person checks their email list that the email comes in their inbox. So this is the biggest bigger and traffic generation tricks.

And the number 6 is

And the number six free traffic generation tool that I'm going to tell you is You may have noticed that while visiting other websites, there is a pop-up on the left side where you have the option to choose “Allow” and “Denay”, and you want the permissions to send you notifications to your browser. And this thing you can do on your website with the help of this website If someone enters your website and they also bring the Notification button, then it automatically publishes your new post, giving a notification to the same visitor that they open the post, and the traffic of your website will be coming to a large extent as you publish new posts. Do it Since you can use this tool for free, you can test it today to see how it is helping to generate traffic on your website.

And the last one and no.7 is

Seven numbers and the last one is you can use on your website to bring the most traffic to your website is By applying this tool, you will find that social media is the most searched on any key, and in that key, you can use your title description and meta tags to bring lots of traffic to your website.

If you choose a wrong keyword for your website and if it does not have any type of search in social media then the number of traffic on your web site will be greatly reduced and there will be no visitor to your website and you will not be able to earn money from it.

If you are managing a team or are part of a team, then with the help of this software you can freely research the keywords and it will help you to know that any keywords in the social media are viral and most searched, so this software or website will be used once So you can generate a lot of traffic for your website so try it today.

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