Understand Credit Card And Debit Card Properly | Basic Advantages Of Debit Card And Credit Card


What is the difference between a Credit Card and Debit Card?

Hello friends, I'm happy today and today I'm going to show you what the difference between credit card and debit card is. And what kind of credit card or debit card can you help? Why the bank named these two days as credit and debit card. Or it can be used where credit cards can be used and debit cards are used. So let's start without leaving your precious time.

credit card and debit card

First of all, know what the debit card is and what is used

There was a time when money was transferred through the bank to the customer. But in order to increase the number of customers, the bank was able to raise money from its counter and there was a huge crowd. As a result, they had the chance to use cheque first to their customers. But they also found the ATM card and ATM machine for the first time without first seeing the problem.

With the withdrawal of ATM cards and ATM machines, the line gradually decreased in the bank and was able to raise and deposit people with the help of their money ATM card. Also, people can transfer their money to any other person's account with the help of ATM cards. All this information is known to almost all people.

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But the problem with using debit cards is that they could not afford to buy any accessories, with the help of debit cards. To buy or sell any belongings, they had to give a line by crowding the ATM and picking up the money from where they had to submit the goods they wanted to buy. A lot of time was spent on people and ATMs also started to line grow taller. So this is the new invention credit card, with the exception of debit card limitations.

But you may know that these new debit cards are available through a debit card such as Master Card, Visa, American Express and But you probably do not know why this type of card has been brought. Or what kind of benefits can be availed by using these different types of work. Mastercard or Visa is a type of company that gives you the opportunity to transact online.

These card providers start their business internationally and are associated with all the banks in international locations, with secret information sharing. If you are talking about someone, you can not do an international transaction using RuPay card because it is only limited to India. In order to use a Visa or Master Card, charges that are deducted from your account may be reduced by the use of Indian as a result of which the charges are much lower in RuPay card and its bad aspect is that it can not be used internationally.

If you want to do an international transaction, you can use a Visa or Master Card instead of leaving it, but as a result, you have to pay the charges for using those card from your account. But if you are an Indian citizen, then you will be able to exchange any kind of money with a lower charge in RuPay Card on any transaction in India, if you use it as a card.

These are the difference between the American Express Card and Visa or MasterCard.

What are the credit card and what are the benefits of its use?

Using this you can get a loan from some part of the bank and the bank offers you the full loan and therefore you do not have to provide any interest for a month. With this in mind, the bank has discovered the credit card, and the use of the loan from the banks of the bank and the bank deposits is reduced even further so that people need loans for today's work.

Using any credit card, you can do any type of international transaction but getting a credit card is not easy. The credit card is given to those people who are employed by any government employee or anywhere and their money is paid through their account. The bank is the first to give credit cards to those people and to enjoy the benefits of using them. As a result, banks continue to take interest with the payment of loans and assure people to enjoy the benefits.

How can you accept a credit card?

If you want to take a credit card for yourself, then the criteria that you need to fill in the ones that you need to fill in.

  1. You must be a government employee, must be an employee of private jobs 
  2. your salary must be received through your account.
  3. Last 3 month salary slip or pay slip must be present.
  4. The salary is above 10 thousand rupees.
  5. If you have previous one Lone, then it must be fully clear.
  6. Must have a civil clere.
  7. The transaction will be done every month in the bank.

If you can fill these criteria then you can, of course, have a credit card for your own use. If you have a friend who is willing to take credit cards and these flowers are full of them then you must first notice them share this post with them. If you have any questions regarding credit or debit card, then please tell me by commenting in the comment box below. Thank you so much for reading this blog post. Seeing with a new awesome post like this.

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