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Easily Rank your blog post on Googles fast page with those methods.

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Everybody learns how to create a website. But I think nobody has written this article so far. Yes, Friends Today's topic is how you can create a website and then transfer the posted posts to Google's first page. Or with the help of any method, will most people start coming to your website? 

Before discussing this matter, I would like to ask you a question that how many people enter your website every month? The answer to this question is that you comment in the comment box below, it will help me understand that in the next article, what type of article I will write to help you?

The main thing is that today you can see different articles on YouTube or websites about how to create a website and how to make customization, but no one has ever told anyone how to transfer articles written on this website to Google's first page. So today after reading this topic you can become a professional blogger. 

What to do to get more traffic to your website?

It's not easy to bring your website up to a great deal of traffic, with hard work, you need to keep in mind that your blog post will be written on a topic that people will be interested to read and that there will be plenty of backlinks in the same blog post. Many people say that if the posts of 2000 to 3000 Word were posted, or the earliest blog posts were transferred to Google's first page. But according to my idea, this method is not right because the traffic decision on your website depends on the type of blog you are writing about on your website, the biggest and the topic of how you write a blog post about it.

 What is backlink and how to create backlink?

 The backlink is the link behind your web site, which provides links to your website from some of the best websites that have created websites with similar topics on the same topic. That means contacting them will link your website to any of their post or articles. This creates a network type of network that allows Google to understand the importance of this website and why it is important to send a lot of people to this website. Above all, you can tell Google how important information is to your website carrying.

 Basically, there are two types, namely, do follow backlinks and Nofollow backlink. Gogol's robot can never read no follow backlinks. So you have to create backlink as fast as possible, also Do follow-back links. You probably do not know Backlink has the power that your website can bring traffic from 3 to 5 million in this month. 

What are the things to keep in mind when writing articles?

 When writing an article, you should first keep in mind how you are choosing his title. You need to write the title in a way that people can easily understand and what people feel is that they need to keep what's in it. Post-description and tags are also an important part of your blog post rank. Try to explain if you want to create a YouTube video or any type of video and describe the details of what you wrote in your post and must use 1 to 2 images which will be related to your post. These are all bloggers, but there are very few bloggers who actually use them.

 You probably do not know, according to Google Analytics, 90% of 100 percent of blogs are left without update they stop posting blog posts, which prevent traffic coming to their websites. So always try to keep your website updated as much as possible. If your blog post stays well, the public will want to launch your next blog post and they'll be happy to read it, so keeping your website up to date is an important part and it works on the main SEO of your website.

 I hope you have learned something to read this blog post. If you have any ideas about posting a blog that I can not overwrite, then please tell me by commenting in the comment box below. If you like it, then definitely share this blog post with your friends. I would like to be good today, like today I'm going out here. 

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