Warning: Don't Do This With Women Otherwise You Can Lose Everything.


Save Women - Love Women


In the picture, the part of your mother's body in the first part of your eyes is called a pure Bengali language breast, which can be meat stack for many, many may have a reason to rape a woman, for many it is the reason for women to say things!  Again, too many, there might be a soft force to have fun by touching the bus/train on the crowded bus "" "!!!"

But the baby lying on the mother's side does not have anything to do with her "" breastfeeding "" !!! "

The little seedling plants, such as from the soil and from the earth, collect the necessary ingredients, so also the child has "" !!! "

  "Then 'Mother' to her is the god, who raises her child by providing food to her seedlings and her children since birth" "" !!! "

  "You-I, we all survived after drinking our mother's breasts, grew up from small" "" !!! "

But the son's child grew up trying to rape him by looking at some woman's bosom, by pointing to him with a dirty point of view, a bad talk or feeling a sexual tone in his body, forgetting his past "" "!!!"

Women will not have to respect women's day, do not have human chain to stop torturing women, women will not be out of the house with fear of being raped;  On the day when the woman will not look at the woman's chest in the eyes of the greedy person, her body will not be dirty, and women will not think of feeding the woman's body "" "!!!"

On the day when men start thinking about themselves as men, that is a great achievement for the male population "" "!!!"
In the end, you say that you are excited to see the organs of women, you make a bad comment, that you are transformed into a mentally unknowingly animal;  Brother is the name of the organs breast, without which the human civilization of the world could not cross 50 thousand years "" !!! "

  The cave's primitive children were killed in the cave, the stones were not starting stone. "" "" !!! "

Speaking straight in Bengal, you-I would not have been born, the development of the human race would have stopped, so women should respect the nation, learn to think their people - because your mother, sister, daughters are women "!!!"

   Even if you see them, you may feel awkward about other men's feelings of dirty "." "!!!"
Therefore, the change begins, change yourself from yourself, leave the dirty mindset, change the outlook;  See the world has changed. "" !!! "

Please, if you make a mistake in the viewpoint of forgiveness, "" "!!!"
                        __I ___ am ____ sorry.

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